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Bankruptcy Myths

There are many myths and stigmas about filing bankruptcy most however are untrue. Some of the most frequent a hear are A, I will never be able to get credit again, b, everyone will know I filed bankruptcy or c, filing bankruptcy makes me a bad person. Nothing can be further then the truth. Credit is readily available after you file bankruptcy. Nobody will know that you have filed bankruptcy because it is only published in the newspaper one time, it is made part of your credit file and it is preserved at the bankruptcy courthouse. That being said you probably know ten people who have filed bankruptcy; you simply don"t know they have filed bankruptcy. Number 3, you are not bad person for filing bankruptcy more often than not bad situations happen to good people and the leads them down the road to bankruptcy. Please contact my office so we can further discuss how we can help you to resolve your financial situation and put you on the path to financial success.

Attorney Rick Hodge speaks about some of the misconceptions regarding bankruptcy.

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