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How Bankruptcy Affects Your Credit

One of the questions I"m most often asked is, how will bankruptcy affect my credit? Bankruptcy carries with it many myths and stigmas ninety percent of which are untrue. Bankruptcy used to have a negative connotation ten years ago however those stigmas and myths are not applicable in today"s times. In bankruptcy you will have a negative impact on your credit for as much as ten years, with that being said, most of my clients receive credit card offers and auto loan offers within six months after filing. More importantly if they wish to make a large ticket purchases such as homes they need only wait 24 months approximately based upon their income and their credit worthiness. I would highly encourage you to contact my office so that we can evaluate your situation and project what your future credit score will twelve months from the date that you file. Your bankruptcy will remain on your credit report for 10 years but you will have credit readily available soon after filing.

Mr. Hodge discusses how filing for bankruptcy will affect your credit now and in the future.

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